Arabian Knights

Colombo's most popular Arabic and Middle Eastern.

After running a small and popular take away on Marine drive, Arabian Knights has now come up with a much larger dine in facility that serves all its favourites plus many all time favourite Middle Easter mezze dishes, starters, rice dishes and breads. 

The Price You Pay

Being typically South Asian and typically Sri Lankan the average consumer here is still extremely price conscious. We are very worried about our extra french fry and the diameter of our burger and the stuffing inside our sandwich. Of course these things matter, and matter a lot! But lets pause for a moment and look at price from a different perspective.

The price you pay enables the staff to have a reasonable life. Slightly higher prices have to translate into reasonable and above market salaries so people can have a slightly better life.

The price you pay also means that we can afford to source quality ingredients that are fresh, wholesome and continue to maintain high standards. No cutting corners for us.

The price you pay also means we can afford to continue to be located on prime real estate and be easily accessible.

The price you pay also has to ensure that at the end of the month we can take some reasonable amount of money to pay our own personal bills and have a bit of fun. Without which the business would not continue and you will not continue to have access to all the delicious food.

The price you pay also means that we can continue to focus on customer service, invest in our training and ensure that we are as hospitable as can be and treat you with love, respect, care and compassion.

The price you pay also means that our people could afford to soon get medical insurance that will help them have a bit more peace of mind, which should in turn translate to better service for you.

Value for money is definitely important, and we will continue to price reasonably. But just a note to the old patrons who still miss the old AK, the old beach side hut at Marine Drive has evolved. We treat our people better now, they are happier, have better facilities and we are a stronger business as a result.

So the next time you pay for something at a restaurant, don't just look at the portion size alone and compare it with another roadside kade (shop). There's way more at play behind the scenes!

Phone: +94 11 2301032 / 1
Timings: 12:00pm to 11:00pm daily.
Except Fridays: 1:30pm to 11:00pm
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